March 23, 2011

She's Not Here Yet....

There have been nearly 1,500 hits on the blog today.  I'm totally overwhelmed!!  And I also know that you are all very anxious for an update.  We had hoped we might have a baby here by now, but alas, Clara seems cozy.  We got here about 5:30 this morning, started the Pitocin about 8:20, broke my water at about 11:00, and got an epidural around 1:45.  Contractions are continuing, but dilation is slow going, so we're monitoring closely and raising the Pitocin as we can.  The short story is, we are still at least several hours away from a baby.  Maybe Clara just wanted more of your prayers before she makes her grand entrance. 

Thanks so so much to the many of you who have posted and re-posted our blog address and for those of you who have emailed, sent Facebook messages and otherwise expressed your love and prayers today.  We have really felt them.  Keep those prayers coming for a few more hours.  Maybe by bedtime we'll have a baby here?

I'm feeling great (Who would ever ever want to do this without an epidural?  Drugs are delightful.) and trying to be patient (although according to Mom and Robert I'm not succeeding).  She'll be here soon enough....

Keep praying!


  1. Praying, praying, praying, all day long!


  2. Chrissy,Robert and baby Clara,
    You do not know me, but I sense we are one in Christ.Our mutual friend,Debbie L., asked that I lift you up in prayer on this most special day. I have been and will continue to be in prayer for all three of you-today and the days ahead.I will follow your sweet blog with interest. He is our strength and shield.

    Debbie A.


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