July 7, 2013

Kure For the Summertime Blues {Part 4: Pretty Poses}

The last of the beach photos (from this trip.... fear not; three more weeks of beach are still ahead this summer!) are simply some [mostly] posted shots.  Enjoy!  

 Can't wait to go back to the seashore in a few short weeks!

July 5, 2013

Kure for the Summertime Blues {Part 3: Sand and Sea}

Eating shrimp and visiting the aquarium and going to the boardwalk and walking down the pier are all lots of fun.  But the best part of the beach..... is the beach.  Our girl loves it out there.  She may look like her daddy, but I think she has a beach spirit like her mama and Sweet Mama.  She was afraid of those amusement park rides, but had not one bit of fear for the giant waves (we were there during a tropical storm, so the waves were big and rough!) and would just wallow in the sand with total disregard for it finding its way into every last crevice of her body.  Ahhh.... this is the life.

She was still on a mission to catch those seagulls in her net.

 Thanks Be To God.

July 4, 2013

Kure for the Summertime Blues {Part 2: At the Boardwalk}

We stayed at Kure Beach which is an awesome family friendly beach and we really enjoyed our oceanfront home and no crowds.  Another great advantage to Kure is that it was close to the aquarium (and the ferry that we took at Spring Break) at Fort Fisher and also close to Carolina Beach, which had a little more going on.  Their boardwalk is a really cute area that they've done a great job revitalizing.  It has an amusement park and some cute shops and lots of other free activities throughout the summer.  We went Tuesday night and bought the girls armbands to ride all the rides (and then Clara freaked out and refused to ride anything except the carousel. So we rode the carousel.... a lot.) and we went back Thursday night hoping to catch a live band and fireworks.  Unfortunately, that event was called off due to weather, but we still had a great time walking around and enjoying the feel of an old beach boardwalk.  Here are several shots of our two trips to the Carolina Beach boardwalk!

When Clara got in the little train at first, she was a teeny bit unsure, but by the time it went around a couple of times she was hysterical and we couldn't get her to ride any more.  Not sure what happened, because this kid ain't no scaredy cat, but something spooked her and we could not convince her otherwise.

Thankfully, Caroline did great on all the rides!

Clara trying to get the nerve up... (she melted again as soon as it started and off she got)

But she loved the carousel.  Please note all the different animals she tried out!

 And her first time in one of those bounce houses was a huge hit!

Sweet Mama was so excited to ride the double decker ferris wheel.  Like a kid in a candy shop...

Some posed family shots...

 And.... one last time on that carousel.

Before heading home for the night we had to visit Britts Donut Shop one last time.  I'm pretty loyal to Krispy Kreme, but y'all... these are homemade, handmade, and incredible.

More beach to come!
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