March 16, 2011

Doctor's Report: Staying Put

We had a good appointment this afternoon and I think Dr. Scherer effectively talked me down from my cliff of paranoid anxiety about Clara arriving too early (for now!).  I’m still progressing towards labor.  For those out there who like the nitty gritty details, I was 3cm dilated and 70% effaced and Clara has definitely dropped.  But the doctor wasn’t panicked at all that it was too much progress to still be a week away.  In fact, she was encouraged that these signs just mean that I’ll respond favorably to induction.  So, we have now officially scheduled the induction for next Wednesday.  Robert and I will check in to the hospital at 5:30AM and once we get settled in to a room will start the Pitocin.  We’re hoping Clara will decide to arrive sometime late afternoon/evening on Wednesday.  We also hooked up to the monitor today for about 15 minutes, just to make sure everything was looking and sounding all right and Dr. Scherer said she looked “perfect.”  I was apparently having contractions about every two minutes while hooked up to the monitor, but they weren’t very strong at all – some of them I couldn’t even feel and the others were definitely not painful.  Dr. Scherer assures me that if I go into labor, I’ll know it and the contractions will be a lot stronger.  Robert got to hear her hiccups while I felt them and counted other movements.  We both listened to that sweet little heartbeat ticking away.  So, everything is looking good and on track for our best laid plans.  Fortunately, Dr. Scherer is around between now and Wednesday anyways, so if something does start to kick into gear early, she can still check in on us.  Thanks for your prayers that Clara continue to stay put and grow in her cozy safe home for one more week.  Tomorrow we have our last ultrasound and hopefully will get some final in utero photos plus a last weight check.  Hey, guess what?   One week from today I’m going to be a mama.  How cool is that?


  1. I am continuing to pray with you all every step of the way. I love that you are providing a way (blog) to enable me to pray specically for you, Robert, Clara, the medical team, and your sweet family. It seems like just yesterday I learned that you were expecting a baby and now in less than a week you will give birth!!

  2. SO amazing! SOooooo incredible. She's coming guys. We're all waiting to greet her. By the way...when the contractions are "real" you will have NO doubt whatsoever! ;o) Come on baby. Enjoy these last few days before she is here to hold in your arms.

  3. Praying every day for y'all. You and Robert are going to be awesome parents!

  4. You already are a mama!!! But I know what you mean -- you get to lay eyes on her and love on her and it's going to be so good after all of these months.

    We are not only praying for Clara and you but also for all those nurses, docs, and techs who are going to be caring for Clara.

    As for your progress...girl, you just don't know how great that is! I'm celebrating these percentages for you! :^)


  5. I am so glad we will be back in town by Sunday. She is coming!!!! I really think she will wait for wednesday. I was 3 cm and 90 effaced for almost 2 weeks with Owen. love you!


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