June 27, 2012

Beachin' 2012: Shellin' and Chillin'

We're down to two remaining beach posts, so here goes!  One of Clara's favorite parts of the beach was collecting shells.  I remember combing the shores as a kid myself, hunting for the most perfect ones and adorning them on sandcastles or bringing them home to save in a treasure box (Hmmm... perhaps the beginning of my hoarding resourcefulness).  Clara wasn't too picky this year, but in the years to come we will teach her all the skill and strategy in collecting shells.

This post also includes some shots of Clara doing what you're really supposed to do on the beach: chillin'.  She's typically not much of a sitter or a be-still-er at all, but she did a little more relaxing than I thought she might.  The rhythm of the waves can lull even a busy toddler, I suppose.  Or maybe it was heat and pure exhaustion.  Nah, I'm going with rhythm of the waves....

And so I present, Act I: Shellin':

Click these to watch the video!  Go on!  Do it!!!

And Act II: Chillin':

 Hydration time.

 "Ahh.... this is the life."

 Sometimes a kid's gotta re-fuel with some Cheerios.

Here's my movie star look....

 Worn. Slam. Out.

 Oops... that little rest resulted in quite the sandy face.

 Stealing a few snuggles...

Sweet Mama grabbed some too.  Nothing like a lullaby on the beach...

Babies and Blueberries

This morning we headed out to a local blueberry farm to pick our own (before this heat hits and we're all confined to the air conditioning!).  The kids had a great time, even if at 15 months they are totally unable to discern between ripe and not-so-ripe blueberries.  Sami and Chloe ate their weight in blueberries and Clara, well, she had a good time.

When we got there, Clara took her bucket and jumped right in....

There were so many blueberries to choose from!

 Blueberry picking can be hard work.  When Clara needed a break, she plopped right down in our bucket.

Chloe was still going strong though!

Clara's friend Sami joined in on the fun, too.

Sami looked like he was having so much fun eating blueberries, Clara thought that she would feed them to him...

Thanks for a fun morning, everyone!

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