March 1, 2011

Baby chicks

My second grade class has been doing a unit on life cycles and embryology. As a part of this, we recently hatched some chicks!  We started with 14 eggs... 1 was not fertilized and was thrown out.  Over the past two days ten of our chicks have hatched!! It was really incredible to watch them peck their way out of their shells and begin their little lives.  My maternal instincts have really kicked in as we have all cared for and loved these tiny little creatures.  Baby chicks don't always do well; some classes have had chicks that were deformed or didn't survive.  It feels like good karma to me that all of our chicks have been so big, healthy and happy. I hope that Clara does just as well in a few weeks!
Here are some pictures of our first little hatcher right after he came out of his egg and a few hours later when he dried off and learned how to stand...
Just imagine him huddled up with nine friends. Doesn't get much cuter!
(This is also my first attempt at updating the blog from my phone. I figure once we're in the hospital we'll need to do that so I better go ahead and figure out how! Hope it works....)

1 comment:

  1. Oh how cute! We hatched quails in 1st grade and it's one of my favorite memories from childhood! :)


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