March 31, 2013

Resurrection Day

There is lots I'd like to type and say, but due to a broken hand in a hard cast, typing is tricky.  But I can't let today go by without mentioning a few quick things.

Thanks be to God for a Risen Savior.  Trying to explain this concept, simply, to a two year old the past few weeks has reminded me what a complex thing it really is.  But I'm sure thankful that Christ overcame death and, as I've been telling Clara, "that Jesus lives in our hearts now."  Life abundant!!

Two years ago today Clara had her repair surgery.  It's been a powerful experience today to reflect on the gift of her life on Easter Sunday. The scars are fading, but I cannot forget God's grace and mercy to us.  It's appropriate that Easter will always fall around this time, if not on this very day, because I think that Clara's resurrection will forever be associated with Easter for me.

Today is CDH Awareness Day.  On the day of Clara's surgery two years ago, so many of you wore turquoise to show your support of her.  Fifty percent of babies born with CDH still die.  We continue to hope and pray for the day when awareness leads to research which may lead to an answer to this birth defect.

At church on Easter (Mama wore that coat and bonnet... more Easter pics to come later)

Opening her Easter basket
Post-surgery, two years ago
that belly today

Her x-ray, pre and post surgery 3/31/11

Thanks be to God.

March 30, 2013

Friends, Goats, Horses

Checking out a nearby goat farm with Annabel.

Girls on a hay seat!

And Clara and Chloe running to see the horses at Tanglewood.

Love when these girls hold hands.

Hurry up and get here Spring, so we can do much more of this!

Winter 2013 at Beech

A February weekend at Beech Mountain this year brought lots and lots and lots of snow.

So, of course that meant sledding with Daddy.

Snow angels with Mama.

And posing not-so-happily with Rufus who was also less than happy to have his hiney in the snow.

Trying on Sweet Mama's boots....

 Smiling blue eyes...

Go Deacs

Some of you may still be enjoying basketball season, but ours is over.  Long over.  Thanks, Bzdelik.  We were lucky enough to get to a couple of games this year though and I've got some super cute photos to show for it!  

The highlight of the game was the stairs...  up and down and up and down......

The first game we went to I brought a few snacks for Clara, but they were apparently not adequate.  So, she walked over to some total strangers sitting beside us and started helping herself to their popcorn.  Before long she climbed right up in their laps and spent the rest of the game snuggling up and sharing their popcorn.  Thanks, new friends!!

 Before we left, we got to meet the Deacon...

All the fun of that game resulted in a three and a half hour nap!

 The next game we got wise and bought her her own popcorn...

This game was so exhausting that she fell asleep before it was even over!  

(Thanks, Aunt Johnna for these photos!)

March 20, 2013

Spring Tea Party

There are at least five or six posts between where I last left off and today, and I will hope to catch up on those at some point, but in the meantime, I'm just fast forwarding.

What better way to kick off my favorite season than with a girly tea party?  Clara got dressed right away and started practicing before our tea party guests ever even arrived.  Please check out these gloves.

She's a little under the weather, so we don't have the usual sparkly eyes, but aren't these two ladies as pretty as princesses?

I'm not a normally a huge fan of scones, but the ones that Aunt Wendi made for our tea party were to. die. for. I will admit that I was not that sad when Clara didn't finish hers and I had to take one for the team....

Whew.... that tea party was exhausting!!  Time for a buddy nap....

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