March 17, 2011

Final Photo Shoot

Well, final in utero photo shoot.  The next photos that we have of sweet Clara she'll be on the outside.  Our last ultrasound today was fine.  She's still practicing breathing lots and lots and it makes our hearts so happy to watch her chest rise and fall.  We continue to pray that her practice in the womb is preparing her and making her strong to breathe air and process oxygen once she's here.  Robert commented today when looking at the ultrasound screen how much smaller her stomach looks in the chest cavity now, compared to the rest of her body, than it did at the beginning when we were first diagnosed.  I hope that means her lung(s) has had some space to grow and will surprise us with its strength.  The weight estimate (which can be +/-almost a pound) was EIGHT POUNDS, TWO OUNCES.  We've got us a big girl coming!  As is evidenced by these cheeks:

Where, oh where did these giant cheeks come from?


Sleepy eye rubs

Baby foot
That's our girl! Just six more days now.  Thank you all for your fervent and persistent prayers.  We love feeling your comfort and encouragement and experience great peace from knowing how many people are surrounding us and Clara in your prayers.  God is truly being bombarded.  Keep it up!

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  1. Chrissy, please, please, please put a picture of YOU on here so that those of us that haven't seen you pregnant can see you in your radiance!

    I'm counting the days with you!



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