March 22, 2011

Baby Belly

I haven't taken a ton of photos during this pregnancy because despite what others say, I really don't think pregnancy is that attractive!  And I've been pretty sickly.  But I was afraid I might regret not having any full belly photos, so I had Robert snap a few on Sunday morning for posterity.  Jayne Hillman, this is for you. :-)

Yes, that is an outie belly button poking through.  She's done.
The rabbit doll is the one we brought back from Ireland, hoping we'd have a baby to give it to soon.
Yes, I cut my hair off.  12 inches to Locks of Love.... hopefully it will be easy to manage in the hospital.
Not sure why my eyes are so squinty.  It was the best we could do.

Hopefully the next photos of Clara she'll be on the outside!  We have felt a real surge of prayers and love in the last 48 hours.  Thanks so much for all your expressions of care and concern for us.  I'm feeling good.  I'm trying to rest today.  We're ready for tomorrow!  It's finally here....


  1. She's almost here!
    I woke up in the middle of the night thinking of you all and couldn't go back to I just laid there and prayed for you both and for Clara. The prayers of so many many people are not for me...but I'm feeling the great power of them in a tangible way. It's an AWEsome thing. Love you guys.

  2. You don't know me - but I am praying for you and Clara and your whole family. You have rarely left my mind since I found about about your journey.
    God's Peace,

    Tammy Van Duyn


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