July 19, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

This year we were lucky enough to spend the weekend of the Fourth of July with Mama K and Daddy Bob in Georgia.  It was a gorgeous weekend, with temps that felt more like October than July and we loved being together on the farm with family and getting to watch these loving grandparents (and great grandmother and great uncle!) dote on our two sweet girls.  We swam lots (Eloise's first time in the pool!) and ate lots and enjoyed the good company.

(Please don't mind Clara's "bathing suit bottoms."  Her dad might have accidentally confused a pair of Eloise's 3 month bloomers with 3T swimsuit bottoms.  No worries. Clara has the tiniest fanny in the world.)

It wasn't dark enough for her replacement fireworks glowsticks to work outside, so she had to play with them in the tub instead.

I remember her sister in this dress, do you?

 Eloise meets Eloise!

The lighting, the scenery, the matching dresses.  I die.

Happy 4th of July indeed! (Burgers and dogs, slaw, potato salad and homemade peach ice cream? Yes, please.)

Thanks for a great weekend, Hardys!

Sister Love

A dear sweet friend of a friend made these shirts for our girls before Eloise was born.  I really wanted them for their first meeting after Eloise was born, but I wanted to make sure we got some more photos of them in them together before Eloise busts out of hers. At the rate she's growing, we were quickly running out of time!
These will definitely go in the "save" pile in the attic and always be a special memory for us!  If you want super cute personalized and handmade embroidery or applique like this, you should check out Emerald Cove Designs on Facebook or Etsy!  She does awesome work and is one of the sweetest humans around, to boot!  Thanks, Stacie!

(Thanks for the gorgeous backdrop, Mama K and Daddy Bob and Memaw for the quilt!)


Every year we plant a garden. And every year it seems we have a different crop that goes bonkers and produces a bumper crop!  Some years it's been zucchini or peppers or tomatoes (well, let's be honest.... you really CAN'T have too many tomatoes).  This year, it was cucumber.  

It's a shame, since I don't really like cucumbers.  But Robert and Clara love them and more importantly, Robert loves pickles (ew, yuck.)  So a few Saturdays ago, Sweet Mama came over to help Robert make a big batch of pickles using her mother's recipe.  Clara (and Eloise?) helped.  

 I won't be tasting them to tell you if they were any good, but it was fun for me to watch these folks I love work together to create something with all those cucumbers.  Summer just calls for canning.  And even though I never knew my grandmother, it's cool to think that some of her legacy is living on in jars in our garage.  Anyone need some cucumbers?

July 5, 2014

First Smile

Eloise gave us her first TRUE social smile right around four weeks old.  Of course, catching it on camera is a different story altogether.  This was the best I could do  (several days later) when I was actually trying for it.   It'll do, although the ones posted with her six week photos are certainly even better! 

Here's to many more gummy smiles ahead!
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