June 28, 2013

Memorial Day Picnic(s)

Memorial Day brought sunshine and warm weather and it was the perfect day to meet some friends at a park.  My dear friend Sarah drove up from SC and met me halfway, in Charlotte, so my other sweet friend Susie, who also lives near Charlotte, met us too.  We all have two year olds and it was such a random, fun, impromptu gathering.  I had never been to Freedom Park in Charlotte, but that's one amazing park.  It reminded me of a "real" city park, like Central Park in NYC.  We played on the playground a bit, walked on the paved trails some, saw the ducks swimming in the picturesque lake, climbed some trees and enjoyed a picnic.  I'm grateful for these precious friendships and hope that Clara will learn from me how valuable girlfriends are in life.  Old and new.

And we came home that night to make the traditional Memorial Day fare. Hot dogs and burgers that were to die for, baked beans, watermelon, chips, potato salad.... the whole she-bang.  Yum yum.

Thankful on this Memorial Day for all those who fought to give us the freedom we have today.  Never to be taken for granted!

That Kind of Baptists

I'm inching closer and closer to June with the hopes that this might be the month where I actually post something that happened in the same month that I post it?  Maybe?

At the end of May, our church had our final Wednesday night programming celebration and lemme just tell you - we do it right.  A band (which may or may not have been composed of band members who may or may not unofficially have been "The Embers") got everyone out on the dance floor shagging after a dinner of BBQ and fixin's.  All ages, all dance abilities, were having a blast.  Of course, Clara ate it up.

 Mr. Barrier can really cut a rug.  Clara cut right in and poor Ellen had to step out so Clara could have her turn.

 Clara's daddy got a turn dancing with her too, and made it easy for Clara to follow his steps...

Clara flirted with the main vocalist and got lots of attention.  She loved when he played the trombone.

But after hours of dancing and singing, Clara finally wore out.

A big thanks to John Ray for bringing his buddies to come play for us!  He's come a long way since our youth group days some fifteen years ago!  It was such a fun night and a great kickoff to summer.

Thanks be to God.

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