October 31, 2012

Tricks and Treats!

On Halloween's Eve, we enjoyed a fun family night together.  Clara helped watched Robert carve her first jack-o-lantern, I tried to interest her in It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (no luck there, but one of these days), and we enjoyed hanging out by the fire as Robert and I finished making Clara's Halloween costume.

 Costume How To:

Step one: spray paint foam board circles brown

Step two: cover circle with oreo pattern pieces
Step three: spray over circle with black.
Step four: repeat on second circle.
ta da!
 Okay... there might have been a couple steps I left out.  Attach ribbons to top....blah blah blah.  She's an oreo!!  Clara has struggled so much with eating this past year, that it seemed appropriate that her Halloween costume be her favorite food.  And boy does this girl love some oreos. 

 Halloween was a busy day from start to finish!

We went to Old Salem with Chloe and took some photos of the girls and visited Sweet Mama and some of her co-workers while we were there.  The girls practiced knocking on doors and asking for candy...

I just love this photo of Chloe in her owl costume....

Had a harder time getting a great one of Clara, but I was just glad she finally agreed to put it on...

 Mamas and their babies

Sweet mama getting her snuggles too...

Stopping for a snack.... Owls and oreos have to refuel

Clara used her milk jug as her candy bucket...

Before her nap, I read her all my favorite Halloween stories.  After her nap, we were back at it! Our first stop was a visit to Grandma Doris'!  Clara was quite pleased and ate many candy corns. We left with lots of treats!! Animal crackers, homemade cookies, a new book and candy!  Thanks, Grandma Doris and Kathy!

And then we went to church for a fun evening of parading and trunk or treating.  Here's Clara telling everyone that she is an "oeo!"

Sitting with all the other kids...

Annnnnnnnnnd.... DONE.

Headed outside for trunk or treating!

Then, finally home to trick or treat at a few houses on our street....

 And home to finally sort her loot...

Eat lots of animal crackers....

 One Twix...

 And a Kit Kat.

Not too many tricks.  Mostly just treats.

Happy Halloween!

Wanna see how much she (and Chloe!) have changed in a year?  Last year's Halloween photos are here: 


  1. Great Halloween for a special little pumpkin sweetheart! Love these great photos!

  2. I was in Old Salem last Friday .... one day, hopefully, I will manage to be where you guys are!!!! Never will I look at an Oreo the same again :). What a talented mommy and daddy to come up with such a clever costume and there could NOT be a sweeter "COOKIE" than Miss Clara Mae!


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