October 31, 2012

5th Annual Hardy Hootenanny

Every fall since Robert and I have been married, we've hosted a big gathering at our house in the fall.  It started out as a good motivation to get the yard and house in presentable shape, see folks who were home for Homecoming or that we just don't see enough of, and use all the fun wedding gifts that were sitting in the hutch.  I do love to throw a party and so it is all of that still, but now it's also timed well to be a chance for us to host and entertain and see many folks we love before the impending winter quarantine for Clara.  We had a great time at the 5th Annual Hardy Hootenanny and here are some photos to prove it!

The hostess with the most-ess, showing off the fall display in the backyard....

I have to have a few shots of the tables!

And I bullied most (sorry for those I missed!) of our guests into posing for group shots in front of our fall display...

Sweet Mama with both her girls...

The Southerns

The Hugheses

The Humphreys
 The Seiferts

Laura and Chris

The Jacksons

The Lindseys

The Martins

The Freestons


The Heinsohns (I absolutely love how Ben and Emma Gibson are making the same face in this one!)

The Hardys

The kids had fun playing with balls and beanbags, bubbles and chalk, in the rice table and hammock and on the swingset.  It was so fun to watch them all together and a joy to celebrate this community of friendship!  The grownups enjoyed food and drink and warmth by the fire as the sun went down and the little ones all headed to bed. 


 Thanks to everyone who made it out this year.  What do you say we do it again next year?!

Last year's Hootenanny??  Here:

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