October 15, 2012

Mrs. Humphrey

Our dear sweet nurse Holli who many of you remember from our days in the NICU tied the knot last month!  She's like family to us - help save our kid's life and that happens.  She loved Clara on too many shifts in a row in her darkest, saddest, closest to death days.  And was awesome.

So we were thrilled and honored to be able to celebrate her big happy day with her!

Not that I really NEED an excuse to get her all dolled up in a fancy dress, but come on y'all....

Holli was a stunning bride!

Waiting outside the church after the ceremony.  Clara was so glad to be out of the strange nursery.  We've got some separation issues these days!

Family shot, since it's not that often we're all clean and dressed and looking presentable.

The sweet couple.  Josh, you've got you a good one.  Better take care of her.

Clara had a blast at the party!  She danced and she giggled and she flirted with folks.

 And then she got tired.  But we didn't leave before she got a few snuggles with Holli.  These girls love each other.

Congrats, dear Holli!  We couldn't be happier for you!

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