October 16, 2012

Great Grandparents, Who Are Great

 Not many words are needed for pictures as sweet as these.  After our exciting morning of tailgating, Clara spent the afternoon at her great-grandparents' house.  I've said before, but I'll say again: I'm so deeply thankful that they've gotten to know her and she them.  These photos will be treasured forever, I know.  What a gift!

Mema took both girls to the garden to teach them how to pick peas.  Gotta start early.

 I realized I've been doing an awful lot of this shot lately, but I guess it's just so cute I can't resist snapping it.  Over and over and over again.

 We spent some time inside too, just watching the girls play and trying to steal a few snuggles.

Mama K got both girls in her lap for books.

Clara trying on one of Mema's necklaces

Papa giving Clara some milk and hugs.  Not a bad combination.

And everyone humored me for a quick outside posed photo session too...

Clara would rather play in the back of Papa's truck...

These folks gave me a second chance at grandparents, long after mine were gone.  I love them like my own.

Clara, these aren't just great-grandparents; they're great-grandparents who are great. I treasure seeing you with them.


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  1. These are truly the TIMES of your life! Savor them!


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