October 15, 2012

Go Dawgs!

We headed South to Georgia a few weeks ago to visit Robert's family and take Clara to her first UGA tailgate (it may be a few years before she actually gets to go to a game!)  here are some shots of our little bulldog having a big ole time.  (Thanks to the Wingfields for loaning us this PRECIOUS smocked dress.  It couldn't be any cuter!!)

First things first.... Tailgates are about eating, Clara.  Watch your cousin and learn.


 Trying some of Mama K's cake pops...

 Clara with her Great Aunt Pam and Great Uncle Marvin.  Her first time meeting them in real life, though they have been some faithful prayers.

After we were all full of tailgating food, we headed to North Campus to toss the pigskin and take in the festivities.  This is a real college town.  This is insane.

These arch shots are impossible to get on game-day.  Silly us for trying.

Go Dawgs!!  Sic 'em!  Woof woof woof!!!


  1. Now you KNOW I love this!!! Y'all look adorable. Nothing like a game day in Athens!

    1. Heehee.... I knew you would! Next time, hopefully we can see y'all there too! :) Holy cow, Athens is serious about them some football. This ACC girl can't quite handle it!

  2. Ok ... cute enough but now Clara Mae needs to get back in WAKE mode, ha! She is the cutest Demon Deac I know!!!!! Sorry, Abby :) !


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