October 26, 2012

Dixie Classic 2012

Nothing says fall quite like the fair.  We missed it last year since Clara was still a little fragile and finicky, but this year we made up for it!  

And for this momentous occasion, Clara had her first honest to goodness, all of her hair up true pigtails.  With overalls.  I MELT.

Ahh.... the sights of the fair.

And the sight of Clara taking in the sights...

 Our first stop was the pony rides!  Clara has had lots of practice riding her rocking horse at home and she was so very excited to get on a real live pony.

 Here's Clara's pony:

Next, she took Big Daddy's hand and headed straight to the petting zoo.

Caroline was eager to get to the rides.  Clara wanted so badly to ride with her.  Unfortunately, she was a mere one inch too short so Caroline boarded without her....

When the ride was over, we let Clara sit beside Caroline for a few seconds.  And she was satisfied.

Next, we rode the carousel. Always a favorite of mine.  Hope Clara grows up loving it too!

 And of course the pig races....

We got there a little late, so Clara's seat was on top of her daddy's shoulders....

It's not a complete fair experience if you don't eat fair food.  Clara's favorite food in all the world right now are oreos.  So we were very excited to let her try a FRIED oreo (that ought to put some meat on those bones, right?!).  Well, she wanted nothing to do with it.  At all.  We said, "oreo!".... she said, "No!!! No oreo!"  I guess it just didn't look right.....  You're  missing out, little one!

More rides!  We found one that would let Clara ride (accompanied by an adult).

She loved it!  When it came to a stop, she said "more more more!"

 Caroline did a great job driving her!

One more pony ride, please?  Sure, Clara.

And here's her Daddy, digging in to his turkey leg.

It was a wonderfully fun night, despite the oppressive crowds!  Next year, we just need even more time!  Thanks, Sweet Mama and Big Daddy!

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