October 21, 2012

Lindsey Rendezvous

On our way home from our last Georgia trip, we met our buddies the Lindseys at a random Spartanburg park (sidenote: anyone know of a nice park in Spartanburg that we should try next time?? If so, lemme know.  This one was.......not exactly) and for dinner.  We loved a chance to see these sweet friends and love on their girls before cold and flu season hits and we're stuck in isolation. 

 Just some daddies, pushing their baby girls on some swings...

All four of our girls, swinging away....

Madeline pushing her little buddy.  Two miracles, these ones.

 I love this hair.

Sarah made Clara this ADORABLE dress!!  And Norah a matching (in style) one.

 Our little ones.

Attempts at all four children were not easy.

I love this moment.

And a few family shots....



And a shot of me and my friend with our kiddos, after dinner.  A bit blurry, but it makes me happy.

See you in April, girlies!

1 comment:

  1. Oh YES, best friends DO make us happy! What beautiful memories of a most happy day! may you share many, many more!


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