June 4, 2023

Shout Out Sunday!

 Let's give a few shout-outs for all the good on this Sunday!

For those whom we've lost touch with some the past dozen years, I'm currently serving as the Director of Children and Family Ministry at Knollwood Baptist Church.  This is the church I grew up in, was baptized in, got married in, and who has carried us through lots of life.  I love her deeply.  Being in the professional role the last several years to nurture their Children and Family Ministry has been one of my life's greatest joys. 

I knew it would be a big and emotional day at church for my family and my church family as the last bit of news trickled out to everyone.  I'm so thankful for the tender care and gentle mercy that seems to have been surrounding everyone as other folks had to share news with all the children in that congregation who are "my kids." From the video clips and the time for children, and hymns and prayers and sermon.... the chance to feel connected through Livestream with a good hard day was really dear. 

Today after Sunday School and Worship was what we call a "BIG EVENT" day.  Summer kickoff - huge meal, party, activities, inflatables, treats and more.  Like a week of VBS rolled into one afternoon.  So, I'd been planning and prepping for it the last month or so, and then on Wednesday quickly started handing it over to the lay leaders and other staff to seal the deal with final execution.  By all looks, y'all had a terrific afternoon.

1) SHOUT OUT to all of the volunteer leaders for stepping up to the plate in such huge ways to make sure those kids all had an amazing Aloha Summer. I loved seeing all the photos and felt such love for this community.   I HATED not being there and also LOVED knowing that you all had it completely under control even without me.

2) SHOUT OUT to a hot shower.  Finished the first 24 hour bag of chemo and had a short break off the pole to get cleaned up and changed and hooked back up again, and that felt like a great celebration!  Day 2 is now rolling....

3) SHOUT OUT to my dad and his wife who drove three hours each way just to lay eyes on me.  His sister (my aunt) was diagnosed with AML almost five years ago and was treated successfully right here on this unit.  She's just a few months away from hitting her "cure date."  It was good to see some family and be reminded of what strong stock we come from.  Sorry, leukemia - you're barking up the wrong tree.

4) SHOUT OUT to Lufthansa Airlines for getting my mom back from Portugal and into this room to see me today.  It was not a great place for her to be when this hot news broke.  I know she's exhausted, but it was so great to be in the same room with my person again.  Savored my visit with her and loved getting to be loved like only a mama can do.

5) SHOUT OUT to Cheerios and milk and yogurt parfait and bananas and leftovers from that church lunch.... I am grateful to not be nauseated and to be able to get some food down and energy up.

6) SHOUT OUT to codeine cough syrup.  The cough (and cough + fluids to be real) has been my biggest challenge and finding a combo of meds that seems to help with that is giving me hope that I might get some better rest tonight.  The adrenaline is wearing off some and the steroids are being D/C'd, so I feel like I'm switching gears a little to a more maintenance jogging pace than the initial sprint we started with.  

7) SHOUT OUT to Golden Girls.  When you can't sleep, they're always on.  Never take it for granted.

8) SHOUT OUT to low medical news day.  Things are pretty stable.  No huge side effects right now.  We're just going to keep trying to find some routine (hospital! routine! ha! joke's on me!) and develop some schedules for rest and renewal.  Pray I get some consecutive hours of sleep tonight and that all those meds are continuing to knock down COVID while also knocking out leukemia.  Double duty, here. 

I'm pretty behind on messages and responses and I know you all understand.   Keep them coming and know they mean so much to me.  You are the best village so SHOUT OUT TO YOU!


  1. Love this post and your spirit, Chrissy! Is it possible for someone to be in the hospital and still feel their vivid presence in church?! I believe the answer is yes...I could honestly feel the collective love FOR and FROM you. A thousand prayers for continued healing. And, yes, definitely barking up the wrong tree! <3

  2. Hooray to a great Sunday sermon with the summer kick off. So so thankful for the continuation of Godly loves pouring onto you and may you feel uplifted by all of the communities!! Continue to pray for each and every moment while your body is fight this L that we don’t like at all. Yes, L is barking on the wrong tree for sure!! Jesus heal Chrissy’s body.

  3. Such a beautiful picture of you all together in the hospital. Love heals!

  4. What a good writer you are. And warrior woman. You will do valiantly.

  5. Lots to celebrate yesterday for sure! What a wonderful day at church!❤️ charlotte

  6. Great news to hear about your Sunday and all the blessings!♥️ May each one fill your heart and bring you strength!💪♥️ Joanne

  7. You are so strong & upbeat (at least in this blog). Prayers continue & you are now on the Prayer Wall of Hillsdale UMC. We love you Crissy !

  8. You could feel the energy in church as Dr. Bob updates everyone. The power of prayer.

  9. You are on my mind constantly! I love your upbeat, positive outlook. You are such a strong, determined person—in a good way!! I do believe you will beat this!! It will require a lot of patience. I’ll be saying prayers for you every day.


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