June 2, 2023

Five Good Things

 So, I'm going to try to distill today into a few - Five - Good Things.  (and maybe a few complaints interwoven too, to keep it real)

1. The girls got to come visit after school!!!!!!  It was really really really REALLY good to give them snuggles and hugs and let them see me while I'm pretty healthy and see my room and my beep boop pole and my room service menu and just get to be in my space.  We talked about their days and how their amazing teachers and friends had been helpful and kind to them and we watched the Netflix show we've been watching together the last month or so, called Alexa and Katie, which serendipitously is a teeny bopper show about two girls starting high school who are best friends and one is going through cancer treatment.  It was already in our rotation and helping to build their understanding of cancer and treatment in a very non-threatening way that we could talk about.  So if you have (upper elementary/middle grade) kids in my life who you're trying to help explain Mrs. Chrissy's sudden change to WORST SUMMER EVER, you might enjoy watching that with them, too.

2. I took a shower.  And shaved. And removed stickers and tape from my body.  It was a very hot shower.  It was a delight.  And then there were clean sheets.  Say no more.

3. I really wanted to get that bone marrow biopsy over with so I'd be less anxious and worried about it since they'll be a regular part of monitoring progress during treatment.  Even with the gentle buzz of Ativan and despite lovely, kind highly trained and capable people, my bones were simply too strong.  The one working on me said, 

"I have done this for 39 years and have never seen such strong bones.... Do you walk a lot?" 
"Yes, I do.  And take calcium and vitamin D and do yoga and lift weights." 
"Well, no wonder we can't get into this"

So, they went to the drill, but still had a hard time getting exactly all that was needed.  Hopefully enough to get us started and the next time we're gonna do it under sedation.  I'm using this opportunity to not complain about how painful it was and how sore it has left me, but to instead highlight how HEALTHY and FIT and STRONG MY BONES are.  Are you listening, AML?  And I'm glad to have it done because....

4. Two great conversations with Dr. Bhava today are only continuing to confirm what a great oncologist she will be for me.   We got the bone marrow biopsy done but will still be a bit before we get all that data, but we still have A PLAN and CHEMO STARTS TOMORROW!  So I'll do a 28-34 day in-patient cycle where we'll be doing two IV drugs: daumorubicin (once a day for three days), cytonabine (continuous for 7 days) and then a third experimental trial oral chemo (selinexor). This is already FDA approved for use in other cancers and is showing high efficacy with AML in these trials and because I'm so young, strong, fit and healthy (keep hearing that; doesn't hurt my feelings), I qualify to add it to the standard care procedure in the first two.  Let's raise those remission prognosis stats!

4. I have heard and reconnected with SO MANY folks today.  Boy, send out the bat-signal and you people SHOW UP!  It was not quiet around here today so I haven't read every one, but I will.  And even when I can't respond to each, know how meaningful it is to Robert and to me to be encouraged by you and surrounded by you. 

5. COVID is improving daily.  Still a nagging cough, but my strength and energy is much better so I'm ready to move toward the next phase of treatment.

A complaint:  This blogger interface is old and dated and I am also old and dated (when it comes to technology; NOT old and dated when it comes to leukemia thank-you-very-much).  So I spent some time trying to figure out how to update the subscription feeds and I just can't figure it out.  I've got to learn a lot about oncology right now, my IT certification will have to come later.  If anyone has a quick and easy solution you want to throw my way, let me know.  But all our other family history lives here and I'm not interested in changing to a different platform.  In the meantime you just might have to bookmark thehardylife.com and check back in the evenings to see if I've bragged any more about how healthy and fit I am?

First and foremost (VOLUME UP), I think we got a new theme song.  Start learning your choreography, Team.

What a LOVELY gift basket from my KBC people!!!!  So many great snacks and fruits and it will be immensely enjoyed from my highly contained hospital prison cell room.

Snuggles, cuddles, balloons smiles and watching our show, Alexa and Katie on Netflix - go check it out.

Let's GO Chemo Day 1 tomorrow!!!  We are ready to do this!


  1. No better medicine than snuggles with your babies. Tomorrow is the first day of putting this beast behind you! I pray you feel the prayers love that surround you and your family.

  2. Team Jami-sutton is behind you, Chrissy! You’ve got this❤️

  3. Thank you for this update, Chrissy. You are in my prayers every minute and especially on Chemo Day One. I am so glad you and your doctor are such a great fit. And speaking of fit, you are!

  4. Wow Chrissy you are really fit and strong! Get ready to kick this aml out ! I hope all goes well tomorrow. Praying for you!

  5. Such a wonderful update despite the fact that you’ll have to start chemo tomorrow. I am blessed to be able to read your blog and knowing the girls will continue to be your cheerleaders along with many of us. I pray you’ll always feel the love from other side of the communities. Chrissy, you are such an inspiration, I just love the vibe of the spirit you always share with the people around guy. It’s contagious!! Praying for first round of chemo to beat the AML SOON!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️

  6. Good to see that smile and those girls with you. You are young and healthy and the work you’ve done lately just better prepared you for this! Go, Fight, Win!😘 char and Rick

  7. Friend, I am pouring out some prayers for you & the whole family. I am glad you were able to see the girls & have those snuggles to cherish while starting this 1st day fight. We are here for you & love you!

  8. Sending love and prayers to you and your family!

  9. Praying that today, chemo #1 is a day of feeling like you are now in the driver’s seat toward getting this cancer in remission! You, Chrissy, are strong, fit, young, and an over achiever…with a great oncological team, supportive (huge!!!) tribe, and loving family behind you! All of this plus God…winning team for sure. Praying alongside you as you cross the finish line over the next month of chemo!!! Love you lots!

  10. Thank you for your update Chrissy and know you have a huge team of people praying for you🙏💪. So glad the girls visited with you 🎉

  11. Dear Chrissy, just learning this news, and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers

  12. Chrissy, adding you to my prayer list. Sending all the prayers and positive thoughts and hugs your way!

  13. Sending love and prayers! So glad the girls were able to visit….the best medicine there is!

  14. We know those strong healthy bones are going to kick this cancer to the curb!! We love you and we are wrapping you all in prayer.

  15. Prayers for courage and stamina tomorrow!! You are amazing and God is smiling at the wonderful way you are entering this journey!! Melanie


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