January 9, 2012

Clara Eats Puffs

Clara's eating has taken off in absolutely incredible ways the past week or two.  We're all of a sudden eating bowl fulls of cereal, gnawing on chunks of fruit, and eating solids three times a day.  We have been so proud of her!  More details later, but today she figured out how to self-feed puffs!  This is a big deal because about a month ago I have her tiny little crushed up crumbs of a puff and she promptly gagged and threw up.  Now, she's self feeding them by the fistful!  She's chewing them!  She's swallowing them!  Quite frankly, it's nothing short of another miracle.

To all you other CDH mamas out there who are frustrated with this feeding game: take heart.  There's hope.  Maybe someday, with lots and lots and lots of hard work, patience, persistence, and determination.... it'll just click and they'll really start to figure it out.  I can't tell you how exciting it is to see some normal on the horizon.

(Please forgive the horrible videography . I think I'll stick with still photography.)


  1. Just love videotaped miracles!!!!! Thanks for posting and encouraging all of Clara's prayer warriors to keep praying!

  2. Thank you for posting.So exciting to watch Clara overcome this milestone.Way to go Clara! And way to go Mom and Dad for working so hard for Clara and with Clara!Sending love and prayers always, the Alan Family, Latrobe,PA

  3. Just KNEW this day was coming ... so glad that YOU now do, too! Clara will eat and grow and GLOW! What a little trooper she is.

  4. This is so wonderful. Praise God fromwhomall blessings flow. Brenda McSwain

  5. I always knew puffs were magical, but who knew they were miraculous?! :) Such wonderful news! I'm so happy for your big day! (And have you tried them? I'm quite fond of the sweet potato ones!)


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