January 18, 2012

Mama Wore That: Lace Nightgown

This is another little treasure from mama's collection.  A simple white lace nightgown with peach ribbon and little handmade flowers.  What's special is that it was given to me by dear family friends (Hey John and Carol!) who are getting to watch Clara grow up too.  Thanks, Danforths!  Thirty years later, it's getting another round.  Here are some closeups:

It seems to me they just don't make things like this anymore.  Or maybe just not for sale at Target.  Hmmm...

You may remember this cradle from the birth announcements. It was handmade by my paternal grandfather (so Clara's great grandfather), Pop, for my brother and me.  We slept in it as infants and then it spent many many years in my room filled with cabbage patch kids, stuffed animals and other baby dolls.  By the time Clara came home from the hospital, she was too big to sleep in it, but now I get to play baby dolls with a real live baby.  If, God-willing, Clara has a sibling someday, he or she will sleep in this cradle during the itty bitty infant stage.  

At almost ten months old, Clara is way too big for sleeping in this cradle now, but something about this lace nightgown calls for a vintage bed, too.  Her polka dotted crib just doesn't quite fit.  

 So during yesterday's afternoon nap, I placed Clara into the cradle and snuck some of those sweet sleeping baby photos that we missed out on in her early days.  Better late than never, right?

I simply can't get enough of this:

Or these:

Sleep sweetly, my little one.  I love you.


  1. Oh my, my, my! SO precious! I'm so glad that my little girl is still getting to "play dolls."

  2. and you'll be taking 100 shots of her going to her first prom, too! :-)A picture truly is worth a thousand words!!!! Keep clicking ... time surely will!

  3. You are such a great photographer! I love the view of Clara standing by the cradle. You are right about they don't make those type of clothes anymore. Whenever I have a baby shower to go to I search for that style of baby clothing, particularly Feltman Brothers, and they are hard to find. I love your blog and can't wait for each entry!


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