January 19, 2012

Mama Wore That: Pink Smocked Dress, Handmade Sweater

This is the last of our first round of photos... guess that means it's time for me to have another fashion show and take some more!  Here's Clara in a sweet pink, smocked dress:

So, this is one of those dresses that's really a bit too small, now.  As evidenced by its length when she stands up:

But it's got a super long hem in it, so if I can get around to taking that out, she can certainly wear it through the spring and summer. Which we will certainly want to be doing, 'cause check out this detail:

 Even Clara is impressed.

Even though we didn't venture out of the house, this clearly isn't a winter dress.  So, I thought we should pair it with this precious handmade sweater.

Not just handmade by anyone, either.  Handmade for me, by Clara's "Grandma Doris" (who you can see here and here).  Pretty special to have a piece like this. 

Not only did Doris make the sweater, but she also made this beautiful quilt that Clara is sitting on.  Perfect.

Thanks for being my model, Clara!


  1. I love it! Your mama had good taste! All of my baby clothes were 70's hand me downs! Can you say PLAID?

  2. You are definitely taking me down memory lane and NO, they do NOT make clothes this special now. You are blessed to have a sentimental mom and a beautiful little girl to model these treasures!

  3. She's such a trooper, going along with the fashion show. Sweet !

  4. Chrissy,
    I journeyed with you through Clara's hospital battle and your homecoming and was prepared to let you go as you said your blog posts would be less frequent. But, thank God, you are continuing to open your life to people you don't even know. (I've never met you or my FB friend from your church.)
    Thank you for the beauty you share with us: through your words, your photos, and your love for your family.
    Blessings and continued strength for all of you!
    Molly Beck


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