January 4, 2012

Christmas Continues: Christmas at Beech Mountain

After spending Christmas day together at our house, we drove up to Beech Mountain and when we woke up on December 26, it was like Christmas morning all over again!  Stockings hung by the chimney were stuffed and presents were beneath the tree!

Here's Big Daddy showing Clara her stocking...

My mom and dad have collected these beautiful silver bells during each year of their marriage.  This year, they gave both granddaughters one for the year of their respective births.  What a precious treasure!

We got to hang out with Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Trey and Cousin Caroline.  It was so fun to watch her open some presents.  We know she'll be teaching Clara lots over the years (like how to open presents and how to read stories).....

Clara got a ladybug hat that was unfortunately adult sized.  But mama is going to enjoy it!

She also got this cool ladybug riding toy from Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Trey.

The girls spent lots of time reading with Sweet Mama and Big Daddy (I think they were happy for the snuggles!)

One of the favorite presents were some great sleds!!  Since there wasn't any snow at Beech Mountain, we practiced a little inside....

The next morning we woke up to this:

Clara's first snow!!  So, we did get to try out those sleds outside (but you'll have to wait till tomorrow for those photos.  It's the next post!)

Clara's daddy was excited to bundle her up and take her out in her first few flakes.

Of course we couldn't pass up the opportunity for a few family shots while we had everyone together.  Robert gave me a new tripod for Christmas (which he picked out all on his own!  What a fabulous gift!), so we put the self-timer on and tried to capture a few decent shots.

Thanks to Dad and Robert for helping me get the shot set up and framed....

Then a couple of practice shots of just grandparents with their granddaughters....

A nine month old and a twenty month old?!?  Most of the photos came out looking something like this:

But after two days' worth of attempts, here are the best ones we walked away with:

 Christmas at Beech Mountain was merry, indeed!

Next up: Sledding Fun


  1. Wonderful family pictures! Clara will love her lovebug. Brennan has a cow just like it and loves it better than any riding toy because it turns so easily. Thanks for sharing all of the pictures.

  2. Something fun is that Marty and I have received, from a UNC friend of his, those sleigh bells every year since we got married and have now been giving them to Brooke and Derek and Grace and Marty for each year they have been married. It's a great tradition! And your pictures always make me smile!!


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