January 22, 2012


When you have a baby who is sick, most of the typical "hopes and dreams" for your child fade into the background for awhile.  All you want is for your baby to live, to be healthy, to be out of pain....  But all those typical "I hopes..." are still floating around back there.  You know what I mean? "I hope it's a girl" (yes!), "I hope she has blue eyes" (yes!), "I hope she gets my teeth and not Robert's" (verdict's still out on that one...)

Well one of my ridiculously silly and not important hopes has been "I hope she has enough hair for pigtails by her first birthday."  In case you haven't noticed, I have a thing for hairbows.  And the only thing that's cuter than one hairbow, is two hairbows.  I'm not really sure there's quite going to be enough hair for curly little pigtails by her first birthday, but we're starting to work on it.  Wanna see her first attempt at little piggies?  Of course you do.

Okay, so it's more bow than hair, but still, I think it's pretty cute.

And so does her daddy.

And more importantly, so does Rufus:

Come on hair!  Grow!!  You've got two months!


  1. Love, love, love this sweet little girl and her hairbows!!!

  2. I love her entire outfit from pigs to pigs!!!!!

  3. I like the bows, but I love those pictures with Rufus and Clara! He takes his job seriously!

  4. You are like a sequel to a good book ... I just can't get enough and so look forward to checking in here for my Clara fix. Love those pigtails!

  5. Well, I had to LOL at the first picture of Clara with her bows. She sure is a trooper, she goes along with everything you put on her and she acts like she's enjoying it too. Thanks for the pics, enjoyed them.


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