January 11, 2012

New Year

Well it's now January 11.  While the rest of the blogosphere was jammering on about New Years' Resolutions, I was still posting Christmas photos.  So, now that we're soundly in 2012 and many of us are probably already breaking those New Years' Resolutions, I thought I'd reflect just a bit on 2012.

While I've never really been one to make tons of resolutions, per se, I am an extremely goal driven person (have you picked up on that yet?)  And while I don't think that January 1 is the only time of year one should be setting goals, it's as good as any for reflecting on life a bit, seeing what might need to change (or not) and taking intentional steps towards that end.  So, I do often find myself thinking and writing about goals for the year when January rolls around.

Like everyone else out there, I'd love to eat healthier, save money and be more organized.  I have ambitions of starting to run again (more on that another time) and I desperately need to clean out every closet and cupboard in this house.  But those are all kind of exterior goals.  They're things I'll work on, tangible items that can be checked off a to-do list, but not things that will change my heart.

What I really want to do in 2012?  Worry less.  I worried so much in 2011.  I'm not saying it wasn't justified - I think a lot of it really was.  I mean what can make you worry more than your dying baby, really?  But even after Clara came home from the hospital and we've been slowly helping her get stronger and healthier day by day, I have been consumed by worry.  Some of it may be typical new mom worry and some of it may be typical mom-of-a-sick-baby worry, and quite frankly some of it is probably in my genes.  But I think there's been too much of it.  Worry, like many things, can become a habit and I think that's where I am now.  I've allowed worry to really dominate my days and take over in ways it should not be allowed to.

I'm committed to worrying less in 2012.  There will still be health concerns for Clara for some time, but I can see that she really is going to be okay.  And you know what?  Me worrying about how many ounces she consumes doesn't really change much about how many ounces she consumes.  I know this in my head. I need to start putting it into practice.

The main reason I want to worry less in 2012 is not for my own emotional well-being (although that'll be a nice side effect) but because I feel very convicted than my worrying is sinful.  When I worry it's as if I am saying to God, "You can't handle this."  Or that I don't trust that He will take care of me, take care of Clara.  I believe that my worry is pushing Him away from me and I don't want that.

When I shared with a friend recently that I wanted to worry less in 2012 she asked me how.  I don't think there's an easy answer to that.  Worry creeps up on you and it's easy to be in a full-fledged worry attack before you've even realized it.  It's not like "cooking a healthy dinner" or "running 20 minutes."  It's not something I can put on a to-do list each morning and cross off by lunchtime.  I'm just starting each day asking God to free me from worry.  And when I feel it start to creep up again, I'm trying to shake it off, breathe a deep breath, and trust in God's abundant blessings.

We'll see how it goes.  2011 was rich with worry.  What I want to pursue in 2012, more than anything, is peace.  And kicking worry to the curb is the first step in that direction.  


  1. And I believe WORRY is in the genes of ALL women! I watched my grandmother worry, my mom worry, my sister worry and ME worry! Maybe we ALL need to start off the day asking God to free us from worry. Thanks, Chrissy ... this is a resolution I will make with you. Here's to a worry free 2012!!!!!!!

  2. I just wanted to tell you that you are so not alone. Last winter, my baby was very sick, and it started with a concern over germs. Her immune system couldn't handle a flu, and I was so worried of bringing something home from the library or my older daughter's dance class. By March, I was in a full-blown panic attack every single day, having a hard time leaving the house etc. I started counselling with our Pastor, and with God's Word, I have been able to turn from those anxieties. Philippians 4:6 and 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 became my daily, hourly, minutely mantra. I will definitely pray for you! It has been a joy to follow your blog and watch your adorable Baby Clara grow! =)

  3. I appreciate your honesty about worry and feel convicted by your comments to approach my habit of worrying in the same way. I can't tell you how much your blog ministers to my life. I wait in anticipation to hear about how Clara is progressing and look forward to seeing her pictures. Your affirmations in God's love for us and the power of prayer brings encouragement and joy to my heart. May God continue to bless you and your precious family!

    1. I understand completely the worrying gene. My 2 GM were worriers, my Mother was a worrier and I am definitely a worrier. I don't know what to do about, I think GOD does understand a mother and her tendency to worry alot, but I would too, like to worry less. Maybe you can find out how and let me know. I do trust my Lord, but, worrying just takes over. Anyway, love and kisses to that sweet baby girl.


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