January 12, 2012


That's right.  There are two teeth that have poked right through the bottom gum this week.  At nine and a half months, our gummy grin is starting to fade.  And the good news is, that Clara has been as happy as ever and still sleeping eleven to twelve hours at night.  So every time for the past six months that she's seemed the slightest bit "off" and I've said, "Maybe she's teething?"  The answer is no.  She was not.  Teething hasn't phased her.

I tried to capture these tiny nubs of teeth, but you might have to look extra careful to see them.

popping a puff

And here's a closeup: 


  1. Those sure are some beautiful nubs in those gums..I just loves Clara's smile it just brightens my day.Thank you for sharing your life with us.
    All my love,

  2. She will find them fascinating when she discovers them. Good girl Clara

  3. Your precious baby is growing so fast ... now watch her LOVE TO EAT!!!!!!

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