May 25, 2014


Clara has been so so excited about having a little sister and we couldn't wait to introduce these two girls to each other.  Mama K brought her to the hospital soon after delivery and we got to see her face light up at the sight of "her baby."  She's been a great big sister so far.  Her world has been rocked and the adjustment has manifested itself in other ways for sure, but she has nothing but love and adoration for this little baby.  I'm so excited that they will have the joy of growing up together.  Here are a few images from Clara's first two visits to the hospital to meet Eloise.  There will be so many more photos of these two together in the days (years) ahead.  Get used to it.  

Eloise was thoughtful enough to give Clara a big sister present to thank her for putting up with all the changes in her life.

 Clara was interested in Eloise for a little while, but then needed to fully explore the hospital room.  Wrap up in the curtains, climb into the bassinet, pull on my IV pole, try on the medical gloves... you know, the usual.

On the second day, our sweet nurse Sundee let Clara help with Eloise's examination.


  1. Congratulations Hardy Family! I am so happy to see that you have been blessed with a healthy, beautiful girl! Clara looks so good and I'm sure she will be a great big sister!

  2. Chrissy....
    I love, love, love their matching t-shirt/onesie!! Too perfect!! ;)
    Clara looks so very proud of her new baby sister!! ;-D
    Love you later, Raelyn


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