May 31, 2014

Reading and Storytelling

Here's a little video that shows how much our Clara has adored and loved on her new little sister.  I love that she wants to share with her some of her favorite things.  Clara has always loved books and reading, but lately her very favorite thing to do is make up stories (or as she says, "let's just tell a story with our MOUTHS.")  I, of course, love watching this early literacy and beginning stages of writing develop in her.  As an educator, it's fascinating and joyful for me to see the things I read about and talk about and share with teachers happening in my own kid.  Eloise is fortunate to grow up with this big sister.  She'll be read to lots and loved on more.  The first video is Clara "reading" to Eloise and the second is her making up a story (with her mouth).  Hope you can understand her, because it's precious!

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