May 29, 2014

Eloise's First Visitors

In addition to the loving and supportive family who have surrounded us in these first days, Eloise has been blessed with some other wonderful loving visitors.  I know that there will be more visitors excited to meet her in the days and weeks ahead, but I thought I'd go ahead and share some of these first photos.  I missed a few special folks (Sorry, Dr. Bob and Wendi and whoever else I forgot to get a photo with!), but here are a few of Eloise's first fans.  We've loved sharing her and showing her off.

Chris Norman and Ken Meyers came to the hospital to get snuggles:

So did Uncle Frank and Aunt Lala who will already love her like their own...


 The anesthesiologist (Dr. Dean) and surgeon (Dr. Scherer) who helped deliver Eloise came back by to get some more snuggles too.

Her sweet Aunt Trina

After we got home we were so lucky that Uncle Roshan just happened to be in town from California because he was visiting his own niece and nephew.  On his way to the airport he stopped by to meet the newest little Hardy.  (I think he was a fan!)

 And I think the "most-excited-to-hold-the-baby" prize goes to  Ella.  She's nine years on, going on 16 and maybe the sweetest big kid I know.  Thankful that both our girls will have her to look up to.  If our little Ella turns out as great as this one has, we'll be doing pretty well!

Thankful for the community of friends who love us like family!

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  1. So good to see so many wonderful friends showering your sweet new baby girl with so much love.


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