May 25, 2014

Hanging at the Hospital

Here are photos of our first few days getting to know and enjoy Eloise while we were still in the hospital. (P.S. Everyone who said to me that I didn't need to pack many clothes for her: I'm glad I ignored you.  We had fun dressing this baby doll right from the start.)

Just hours after delivery, getting some skin to skin snuggles...

Getting her first bath.  (Not a fan!)

But the hair washing in the sink, she did like!

With Mama and Daddy...


I love these with her daddy.

 One of her first "smiles" and a baby yawn (why are baby yawns so adorable?!)

Doesn't get any better than that snuggly precious newborn love.  Eloise, you're a delight and we love you!


  1. Your baby is beautiful. Congratulations to all. I love her name. Sending love and blessings, Sandra Curtis (Karen and Louise's friend from Nashville).

  2. Chrissy....
    As a "published" children's book writer, I spend tons of time describing things. I have one word and word alone for this post. "Precious!!" ;)
    Love you later, Raelyn


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