May 8, 2014

Kure in Spring '14

Robert and his dad had an opportunity to take a trip to Utah to visit canyon country and do some backpacking this spring, but since I'm a million months pregnant and I really prefer vacations with beds and running water, Sweet Mama, Clara and I took the chance to go spend a week at the beach while he was away.  I think we both had a great time in our last getaways before baby sister arrives (even if we weren't together!)  His pictures are pretty stunning in terms of the landscape, but these are hard to beat.  I'm a beach girl at heart and I think the expressions on Clara's face show that she is too.  Doesn't get a lot cuter than this!

The first few days were a little chilly, but that doesn't keep people like us off of the beach.

 So happy to have beach on her hands again...

A rainy day sent us to the aquarium...

Still chasing those seagulls.  Some day she'll catch them.  Some day.

Even though that water was WAY too cold to be in, she just couldn't stay away...

And for the last few days, the sun came out and warmed us up!

 She spent at least an hour, just LAYING in the sand like this.  I've never seen her be so still while awake!  Beach bummin' it right!

See you again in September, Kure Beach!  And this time, we'll be bringing our newest little beach bug!

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