May 24, 2014

Introducing Our Eloise

We arrived at the hospital bright and early on Tuesday morning, May 20 to begin pre-op.  I found myself to be very emotional and more than a little anxious as they ran through questions, hooked me up to monitors, took blood, placed and IV and prepared for the surgery that would welcome our girl into this world.  With Clara I had already labored most of the day before we went to the emergency c-section, and I knew that the real emergency was what would face us on the other side, but this time it all felt very calm and calculated and downright nervewracking.  Once the spinal was placed and the surgery began though, I was filled with a peace that was amazing.  (And I'm pretty sure it was more than just the drugs.)  We were so very fortunate to have the best possible team of surgery and anesthesia in the OR with us and it all went remarkably well.  The climate in the room was so totally relaxed and joyful and in control; such a stark difference to the somberness that we faced three years ago.  I didn't vomit a single time (shocking) and within just a few moments, we could hear our girl crying.  Although Clara did come out trying to cry, it was nothing compared to this and the sound of her brand new lungs filling up and rejoicing with us brought tears of my own.  Happy tears.

We spent some time in recovery and were in our room by lunchtime, settling in to life with this newest little bundle.  Meeting a new child is instant captivation.  Months of wondering if it could ever be possible, despite everyone's assurances, to love another child so much, vanished instantly.  She had my whole heart.

I'll take a few posts to share all the visitors and the beautiful, sweet, innocence of the first few days on Earth, but for now, I want to introduce to you:

Eloise Ann Hardy
May 20, 2014
7 pounds, 12 ounces
19 inches long.

Pure. Perfection.

She is named for Robert's maternal grandmother (Louise Bratton) and for my mother (Mary Ann Davis).

Eloise means "healthy" and Ann means "gracious, merciful."  We are finding already that her health is among God's greatest mercies to us.  

Thanks Be To God.


  1. So glad I got on here today. What a joy to share your exciting news. Welcome to your world, Eloise Ann. How blessed you are little one, to have so many to love you and help you grow into all you can be ... especially such a special BIG sister! Clara Mae is pretty amazing!! Congrats to all ... so happy for you!

  2. Chrissy....
    I disappear for only a few days.... And you have your baby?! Congrats, congrats, congrats!! I love, love, love her name!! Welcome to the world, sweet Eloise Ann!! ;-D
    Love you later, Raelyn


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