May 8, 2014

March Odds and Ends

There are twelve days until baby sister arrives and about as many blog posts to do to be totally caught up in time for me to overload you all with teeny tiny baby pics.  So, prepare yourself for a barrage of April and May, coming in the next week.  I'm going to try really hard to get it all done!

This one should wrap up March, with a few odds and ends of cell phone pictures grabbed here there and everywhere.  This is day to day life though and it's so good.  Can't overlook the "normal" moments.

I hate that this is the only picture I got of it, but Clara took swim lessons in March/April and did a fantastic job.  Here she is with her teacher Miss Jessica!  We're ready for the pool this summer!

Again, not an awesome picture, but here is is all decked out in her Demon Deacon gear for School Spirit Day at school.

We made another trip to SciWorks with Chloe before both these girls become big sisters in May!  They treat each other like sisters, so I think they'll slip into their new roles just fine.  They're hibernating like bears in the top photo.

And as warmer weather FINALLY arrived, we spent a lot of afternoons like this, tromping around in the woods in the backyard.

 And kicking the soccer ball... (wearing a too big hat, per Clara's insistence.)

We also made Clara's first trip to the Winston-Salem Children's Museum.  What an awesome place, right here in town!

Celebrating Chloe's third birthday with her and other friends.  Wish the weather had been this gorgeous a week before!

And with that... March is a wrap!

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