June 2, 2013

Spring Break at Kure Beach

One of many perks of working for the same institution that my mama works for is that our spring breaks coincide.  And this year, it just so happened to be the week after Clara's birthday.  We all three love the beach and so we decided to go to Kure Beach and check things out, since that's where we'd rented for later in the summer and none of us had ever been there before.  The beach at the end of March is hit or miss.  We could have ended up with glorious weather and spent lots of time on the beach.  Alas, instead we got a cold snap.  But we stayed beach front, so we still got to see the ocean and let it warm our souls.  We also had fun taking a ferry to Southport for a day of wandering and shopping, visiting the Fort Fisher Aquarium, checking out the boardwalk at Carolina Beach (and tasting the famous Britt's donuts there), playing on playgrounds, taking walks, and at least getting our toes in the sand a little here and there.  It was a wonderful week and we left excited about coming back in two months!

Our view:

Bundled up, but enjoying the beach.  Clara was determined to catch the birds with her green net and chased them all over the beach.



Sorting and admiring the shells she'd found...

The ferry to Southport.... feeding the birds.


The ride we caught happened to have a rescue drill planned.  We got to see this fellow get thrown overboard and rescued.  We were in good hands...

Fun in Southport...

 And several trips to the aquarium..

 The aquarium playground...

 Britt's Donuts, at the boardwalk...

 After all that hard playing on the beach, Clara got clean in the kitchen sink.  She thought that the "sink bath" was hilarious.

 That much fun would wear any girl out.  She cashed out hard every night and we both got to enjoy some really sweet snuggles...

Goodnight, Kure!


  1. Never been to Kure Beach--- but now I want to go for those donuts! (And the starfish!) PS- Can Clara get any cuter? She is adorable.

  2. One of my favorite places ... PARADISE by the sea! Love Kure Beach ... enjoy building sweet memories!

  3. Chrissy....
    The beach!! We are planning a day--weather permitting!!--to ours later this month!! I cannot wait!! ;-D
    Well doesn't Clara look like a little beach bum?! Cute, cute, cute!! ;)
    Your seagulls look so different from ours!! Prettier, even!! I love their black heads!! {Not that I am complaining!!} ;-D


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