June 10, 2013

A Berry Fun Mother's Day

Hard to believe it's already my THIRD Mother's Day as a mama.  Where does time go?  All I wanted to do this year was go pick strawberries together, so after church and nap that's exactly what we did.  Calahaln Farms in Davie County was awesome, so if anyone is looking for a place next year, I highly recommend it (they're out of strawberries for this year's season, but they'll have blueberries and other stuff as the summer goes on....)

Here's my girl all dolled up and ready for church.  (That's the same dress she wore on Mother's Day last year, handmade for me by my Great Aunt Shirley in 1983.)

Here I am in the same dress at almost exactly the same age:

Ready to pick!

Fresh strawberry slushie after our picking...

Trying on the farmer's galoshes.

Came home and had a delicious dinner prepared for us by Robert.  Spinach and strawberry salad with goat cheese, chicken and bacon followed by pound cake, strawberries and ice cream.  Good. Gracious.

It was such a fun day spent with my favorites!  We just might make it a tradition....


  1. A STRAWBERRY delightful day! You are blessed. Loved the pics of both of you wearing the same dress ... too cute!

  2. Chrissy....
    Oh, I love strawberries!! They are easily my very favorite fruit!! Especially locally-grown strawberries!! They are the best!! Sweet, juicy, yummy on vanilla ice cream, or just in a bowl. And, strawberries make delicious home-made jam, too!! ;-D
    You were a redhead!! Cute!! I love little redheads!! I can see the resemblance between you and Clara!! ;)
    Curious question. How many strawberries did Clara pick.... Or eat? Hee, hee, hee.... ;-D
    I love the picture of Grandma and Clara sharing a strawberry!! Cute!! ;)
    Is Clara touching her CDH scar? I do that all the time!! {Without lifting up my shirt, of course. Modest 29-year olds cannot get away with that!!} ;-D
    Happy Mother's Day!! ;)


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