May 14, 2013

Birthday Night

After we got home from the Easter Egg hunt, we celebrated just a little bit more with Clara's favorite meal: 


She ate it up.  Literally and figuratively.

She opened a few more presents...

And ate some (more) cake.

And we called it a night.  What. A. Day.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Clara!


  1. Chrissy....
    "SKABETTI". Crack. Me. Up!! ;-D
    I love, love, love that last picture!! Sauce painted all over Clara's chest as she enjoys her cake!! ;)
    Happy birthday, Clara!! Here's to many, many, many more!! ;-D

  2. Skabetti is one of my favorites, too, ... matter of fact .. it is on the menu for tonight! Just wish I had the birthday cake to go with it :). Wouldn't it be fun to throw caution to the wind and let yourself enjoy it like she does .... messy face and all? Have missed your posts lately but so glad to catch up. Needed the Miss Clara fix! She gets cuter by the day!


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