June 7, 2013

Happy birthday to meeeee!!

The spring birthday season ends with my birthday at the end of April.  The Sunday night before my special day, many of my friends gathered together for a birthday dinner.  It's always such a joy for me to throw a bunch of friends from different seasons and times of life into a room together to share in celebration.  Some of these lovely ladies I have known for fifteen or twenty years and some are much much newer friends.  I'm thankful for lasting friendships that have stood the test of time and for the ways that the gift of friendship always keeps giving, in all seasons and stages of life.  I hope that another decade from now these folks will still be standing beside me, but I know for certain there will be new ones, too.  As a collective group, and as individuals, these women are really really remarkable.  They have encouraged and affirmed me in difficult times, inspired me to be a better daughter, wife, mother and friend by their own stories and taught me so much about who I am.  It's not enough to say I am blessed.  Thank you all! (And those who aren't pictured here too, because you were out of town or had a conflict, but whom I hold just as dearly in my heart!)

My friendship with Susie dates back to middle school.  And anyone who knew me then, and stuck around..... Whew.  Worth keeping. :)

My dear sweet Wendi... we are quickly approaching 15 years of friendship.  Remarkable.

Sarah is one of the greatest things to ever come out of our CDH experience.  I wouldn't have made it through those months years without her loving support, patience, affirmation, and humor.

The Knollwood crowd, who truly didn't exist five years ago, and whom I cannot imagine my life without now!

And my mama, who is my dearest and most special.  I pray every day that Clara and I will end up with a relationship like this one.

Good conversation, good wine, good food, good cake.  Can't imagine a birthday any better than that!

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