June 9, 2013

Homecoming Anniversary

Clara's birthday, like the birthday of any child, will always be special.  But right up there with March 23 will always be June 9.  It feels, I think, a bit like the "gotcha day" for an adopted child.  It was the day of her homecoming two years ago and the day that she felt like she really truly became all ours.  It was a day that we thought might never come and then even once it seemed likely that it would eventually arrive, felt like an eternity getting here.  It's been two years now.  Two years of giving Clara baths in her own tub, two years of listening and watching for her on our video monitor (but without all those other awful monitors), two years of meals in our home, two years of adventures in our backyard,  two years of snuggles in our bed with her, two years of rocking her to sleep and then putting her down in her crib, two years of peeking in at her while she sleeps before we go to bed, two years of going to get her out of her bed in the morning by walking five steps.  No more calling a nurse to check in on my child while I pumped alone.  No more driving down I-40 and searching for a parking space and then waiting for an elevator and then getting buzzed in to the unit in order to go over to her bassinet beside half a dozen other babies.  Two years now of knowing what every little cry means, of anticipating her thoughts and moves, of knowing how to make her smile and watching her learn and grow.  Today is her homecoming day and today we celebrate God's mercies to her and to us and just say thanks.

Coming home from Brenner, 2011  --  Coming home from church, 2013
In 2011, too excited and wide eyed to stop taking everything in -- In 2013, too exhausted from church to keep those eyes open.
 Remember then?

And now...

If you want to relive that homecoming day (like I just did) the original post is here.  I re-read all those comments left by dozens and dozens of friends and strangers and felt again a deep gratefulness for the ways that Clara has changed my life and also touched so many others with her beautiful spirit.  We are blessed to have been in the middle of such a powerful demonstration of God's love and to have shared it with so many. Thanks for still being along for the ride and for loving us and praying with us.  You are a blessing.

Thanks be to God.


  1. Very, very blessed to have this special little girl in my life! Your Sweet Mama loves you, Clara!

  2. and so many others love you, too. Some you may never even know. God put many angels around you, little one. Rest assured that HE loves you, too!

  3. Chrissy....
    Happy Homecoming Day!! For both you guys, and Clara!! Isn't it amazing to witness miracles firsthand?! ;-D

  4. What an amazing story Miss Clara has! I think of your family often and am always amazed at how well she has done and how strong you were during the scariest of times. To God be the glory!

  5. There's something so special about Clara, I'm so glad to have shared in prayers for her and to finally see her come home. You've done a wonderful job, Chrissy. GOD knew he was sending her to a safe place.


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