November 11, 2012

To the zoo zoo zoo!

Zoo was on the November Bucket List because we never made it there this summer and I'd heard from several people that it was great to go in the fall when it wasn't quite so hot or crowded.  We sure got lucky with a November day that hit seventy degrees.  But the crowds were still low and the animals were out and friendly.  It couldn't have been a better day!  Thanks to Susie and Rebekah for driving from Charlotte to meet us!

These are mostly animal pictures, not too many of the humans.  We mostly watched the animals.  And walked. A lot.  Worth every step!

We started out in North America just for a few quick stops....

 Alligator (That one is for you Trey!)


Then we hopped on the tram and headed to Africa.  'Cause that's where the really cool animals are!

 Like giraffes...

And elephants!

We had great views of these guys and loved watching them use their trunks to rake and pick up trunk-fulls of hay to munch on.



And my favorite!!!!!! Gorilla!  More importantly, BABY GORILLAS!!!!  Two of them.  I liked them.  A lot.

I think she's trying to say to me, "no, you may not hold my baby, crazy lady."  I believed her.  Sadly.

Clara liked the gorillas too!

Daddy Gorilla was hanging out in the corner.

And then some baboons....

 A lion and his lionness...

Some chimps!

A baby chimp, too!  Almost as cute as the baby gorilla.  Almost.

After lunch, we rode the carousel.  It should come as no surprise that I put my baby gorilla on the gorilla for her ride. 

This child loves a ride.  

Rebekah was not quite as happy about it, but she gave it her best!

And then got some mama snuggles for the rest...

Clara and I practiced standing like flamingoes...

And we finished off the day with the Special Exhibit on Dinosaurs.

And then a tram ride back to the cars for a hard afternoon nap.

We know this was the first of many trips we'll be making to the NC Zoo.  Here's to Baby Gorillas!  Am I right?

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