November 11, 2012

Dirt Digger

So, Wednesday, November 7 we made our thankful tree.  We continue to have a lot of fun adding leaves to it daily.  We are so blessed!

Thursday, November 8, I mostly got ready for class and read a bunch of papers I needed to grade and scurried around.  In the midst of all this happy-making, I forgot I do have a job and some responsibilities.  But I got it all done with about an hour to spare.  Clara and I did make a few happies during that hour.  We played in the rice table.  Hunted for some acorns.  Ate lunch on the porch. And danced outside with the leaves (who were doing quite a windy-dance of their own).  In our PJs, nonetheless.  And she got to spend the afternoon with Sweet Mama while I taught, which is always a great big happy. I also finally pulled my Thanksgiving books and we've been reading those a lot, although I don't have a picture of it....

 Dancing outside in her PJs

 Exploring the Rice Table

Friday, November 9 we played hard in the backyard in the morning.  I love the warmer temperatures and just wanted to make the most of them before these hard cold winter days come.  In the afternoon, Clara helped me plant some half-dead mums in the backyard.  I've never been great with mums, but here's to hoping these might survive.  They were stunningly gorgeous when I first bought them.  What's the trick?  Oh, you should water them?  Hmmm.... maybe we will try that.

Here's my little dirt digger....

I just love her helpful heart!

The rest of the weekend held even more fun, so stay tuned!

Here's our updated bucket list

November's Bucket List: Updated

Take a nature walk and collect things we find
Rake leaves and jump in them
Visit the horses at Tanglewood
Go to the zoo
Fingerpaint (for the first time!)
Make turkey handprints
Do leaf rubbings
Read Leaf Man and make leaf people
Play in the rice table
Make a list of things we’re thankful for (thankful tree)
Read books about Thanksgiving
Visit GA for Thanksgiving (and use lots of hand sanitizer)
Take Mama Wore That photos
Go for walks/jogs
Bake together (perhaps in honor of National Cake Day, November 26)
Read Stone Soup and make veggie soup together

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  1. Every day is such a gift from God. Isn't it great to get out and make the most of it? You do an amazing job of that! May all your days be a blessing and filled with thanksgiving.


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