November 7, 2012

Thankful Tree

Today, we made a Thankful Tree.  This was, I thought, an idea straight out of my kindergarten-teacher brain.  Alas, upon doing a Pinterest search, I am not at all alone.  Which makes me happy, really.  Because this is cute!  So you should make one for your family too, and do it fast!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

Clara was excited to put on her coat and go outside to collect "sicks"!

However, all of her sticks were given to Rufus.  How can you resist a face like this?

Once we had enough sticks, I arranged them in a glass vase, gathered some scrap cardstock in fall colors and cut out leaf shapes using fancy scrapbook scissors from back when I used to scrapbook instead of blog.  I knew they'd come in handy again!

And, ta da!  It's a Thankful Tree!

During dinner, we each took a few leaves and wrote on them things we're thankful for, then hung them on the tree.  Clara got so excited after she saw us do a few and was asking, "please please please!"  The things she said tonight when I asked what she was thankful for: music, Jesus, Big Daddy.  So those were her leaves tonight.

She has just a few leaves on her now, but hopefully by Thanksgiving she will be all full.

I think she's beautiful and I'm excited to celebrate our blessings together as a family.  But she's not as beautiful as this, for whom I am beyond thankful:


  1. You and Clara are excellent at "making happies." Not hard to do with Clara's smile. She IS adorable. I hope her name is on the Thankful Tree.

  2. Oh my... I do love this sweet little girl!

  3. I am grabbing my coat and heading out the door to find sticks! What a sweet idea. Thanks for sharing this and your precious family moments. We are all blessed through you!


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