November 15, 2012

Audrey Rebecca

I left a very important thing off of the November Bucket List.  It was: meet a new cousin!  And that day came today... two days before the baby was even due.  Huge love and congratulations to my sister in law who had a totally natural birth and a quick one at that.  (And my brother, Trey and big sis Caroline too!) Audrey Rebecca Davis joined us at 2:59AM today.  And late this afternoon, we went to Raleigh to meet her.

She is the most precious little eight pound, five ounce bundle you've ever seen.  What a treat to meet and snuggle her on her birthday!  We just took turns passing her around and squeezing her.  She slept and snuggled sweetly the whole time.  Perfect baby.

And what did Clara think of her new cousin?  Well, she was initially more interested in her cheerios.  

But she eventually warmed up to the idea of a real live baby.

Can't wait to go back this weekend and spend time with Trey and Caroline, too.  Thanks so much Jennifer, for sharing your new bundle of joy with us.  She's absolutely perfect and we already love her to pieces.  And Audrey - don't worry.  I'm gonna teach you everything you need to know about being a little sister.


  1. What a beautiful baby! Robert made her grin!

    Love the photo of you gazing into her sweet face. I can see so many emotions on your face: thankfulness for her health; hopes for her future; memories of holding Clara the first time; pure love.
    Thanks for sharing these lovely pics.
    Molly Beck
    Raleigh, NC

  2. And the Davis/Hardy family adds more love to the world! How blessed you all are. Three precious little girls .... what joy they will bring! Congrats to Trey and Jennifer :).


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