November 11, 2012

Leaf Piles

We love our house and we really really love our backyard.  It's huge, it's wooded, it's private and it's beautiful.  But the huge + the wooded means that fall brings so many leaves

Well, the timing of the leaves falling, the weather warming up, and a weekend when we were in town couldn't have been better.  Our whole family spent most of the day Saturday (after our usual breakfast out) outside and we raked and played and had a grand old time. 

Okay, let's be honest.  Rufus really wasn't much help.  He just moved from one sunny spot to the next and chewed sticks.  Still, little by little we whittled away at it.

It was Clara's first "leaf jumping" experience.  She was really getting into it when we kept working on Sunday (and when I didn't have a camera, of course).  But these photos are pretty perfect too and capture some of the fun we all had together.  I don't want to every forget the way days like this make me feel.  So full, so complete, so happy.

Oh, how I love this series of her playing with her daddy in the leaf pile.

Thanks be to God.

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