September 23, 2012

SCIENCE! {Part 2}

Okay, okay.  Back to all the museums and frolicking we've been doing.  August and September have been busy months!  As I said to someone recently... you can either live life or blog about life. Doesn't seem like there is time for both.  We've been living life, for sure.  Now I'll do my best to catch up on the blogging part!

Soon after we visited SciWorks, we went to Greensboro to visit their Natural Science Center.  I had never been before and was so impressed with not only their indoor exhibits (which we didn't even get to all of), but what a remarkable mini-zoo they have!  It was a wonderful Saturday with Aunt Stacy, know-er of all things sciencey.  She's determined to brainwash Clara in the joys of math and science (since she knows I won't).  I'd say she's off to a good start!

We started out hitting the outside exhibits.  (Note: dino is not alive.)

Clara loved getting a close look at all the animals.

And climbed and explored all over these guys...

So much to see!

 The petting zoo was a big hit!  Good thing Aunt Stacy grew up on a farm.  She showed Clara just how to do it.

Unfortunately, Clara took a bad bad tumble onto the asphalt right in the middle of our visit.  It gave mama and daddy quite a scare, but Clara walked away with nothing but a really really bad bruise on her noggin'.  Here we are, soon after the fall, trying to get her to "put ice on her head."  She didn't quite get it.

At least she still had a smile on her face....

 The dinosaurs were her daddy's favorite.

And here's a collage of just a few of the animals we saw!

Clara loves animals right now.  Spotting them in books, making animal sounds and singing animal songs (Old McDonald, for the 12th time today, anyone?) are among her favorite right now!  We had such fun seeing so many cool animals in real life.  

Thanks, Aunt Stacy!  Let's do it again soon!

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  1. LOVE the new look when I logged on here. BEAUTIFUL CLARA ... fun time imagining her day. Sorry for the spill but so glad she was okay ... one of the many tumbles she will have in life and hopefully she will bounce back from ALL just as quickly! She is truly amazing!!!!


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