September 14, 2012

SCIENCE! {Part 1}

I love where we live for lots of reasons, but one of them is we have many of the advantages of a "big city" without the big city feel.  I can get just about anywhere I want to in 15 minutes and yet there are museums and cultural opportunities and sporting events and universities all nearby.  I think it's the perfect environment in which to raise a kid.  A few weeks ago we checked out local science museums in our hometown and the next town over.  Clara is just getting old enough to really interact with the things she saw and enjoy this kind of an outing.

I've been to SciWorks countless times as a nanny and on school field trips (and even as a child myself - anyone remember when it was the "Nature Science Center" and the coolest place to have a birthday party?), but it was really fun to go for my first visit with Clara.  She loved checking out the animals and playing with all the musical instruments in the sound room.  Unfortunately, mama didn't plan ahead and my camera battery died part way through our visit.  But here are a few shots of Clara and Chloe having a blast at SciWorks.

 checking out a quail

 Aunt Wendi and Chloe show Clara the parrot and the iguana...

Wanna see them too?


both girls checking out the ducks...

 girls in strollers watching the otters swim and splash and play

Then it was back inside to play in the sound room.

First, Clara studied the music.
 And then she got busy playing!
And so did Chloe!

All of the music room was a big hit, really!

 Right before my camera battery died, Clara was hanging out in the giant mouth.  It was a little surreal, because I remember sitting in those exact same teeth as a kid myself.  So fun!

Coming up next... the Natural Science Center of Greensboro!  Stay tuned!

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  1. And your kindergarten teacher remembers you there :)! Thanks for fond memories along with new beginnings with sweet Clara. She is such a doll! Love to the family!


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