September 25, 2012

Labor Day in the Mountains

Labor Day weekend we headed up to the mountains for a weekend of R&R.  As an added bonus, Mama K and Daddy Bob got to come join us!  And since Aunt Liz and Uncle Hugh were at a wedding that weekend, they were keeping Clara's cousin Eleanor and she got to come along too.

I'm not sure Clara loved sharing the attention, but we sure loved getting to see Eleanor and watching Daddy Bob and Mama K play with both their girls.  

The girls had a great time playing outside...

And of course had to scrub clean.  You know I can't resist a bath photo.

In the  morning, they enjoyed more of Robert's specialty pancakes.  (Featured below: Grover)

And had storytime with Mama K.

This was the best we could do for a shot of everyone being "still", sort of kind of not really.

And just because I get asked all the time if Clara is always as happy as she looks in pictures.... the answer is: usually she really is!!  But we do occasionally get a very grumpy baby.  And this is what that looks like:

See you again soon, Hardy family!

1 comment:

  1. Even when grumpy, which I know is rare ... she is still the cutest thing ever!!!! I know the grandparents were in "sugar and spice heaven"!


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