September 16, 2012

KBC: Dancing Under the Stars

I'm skipping ahead several weeks and going to go ahead and blog about last night and this morning because it was such an exciting time for our church and I've got it on my mind.  Then I'll continue my catch up of the last month or so....slowly but surely....

Over the summer, our church has been doing (much needed) renovations on our sanctuary.  They're done and this weekend was a time of celebration as we re-opened it.  It kicked off with a fun social event last night - Dessert and Dancing Under the Stars.  We didn't stay til the stars came out, of course, but we sure had fun picnicking and fellowshipping with our dear community.

Here's the scene:

Lots of folks on the lawn with chairs and blankets in front of the sanctuary.
photo credit Stephen Ball

Police blocking off one lane of the street in front (and apparently entertaining the children!).
photo credit Stephen Ball

A band playing under the tent...
photo credit Stephen Ball
And balloons and cake make it a party! Right?
photo credit Stephen Ball
photo credit Stephen Ball

Yes.  Yes, indeed. 

Clara took her Big Daddy's hand and got to dancing the night away...

With some breaks for dessert, of course.

This girl knows how to sucker a man into sharing his cake.

Sweet Baby Jack was in town and we got to see him for the first time in several months!  He is growing up fast!!

Clara played with his piggies...

 Sweet Mama and Aunt Trina with their grandbabies...

Checking each other out...

Sweet Mama stealing a Jack kiss....

 Dr. Bob even got a quick dance with Clara before the night was over...

It was a great night all around.  Thanks to all the folks who helped make it happen!

photo credit Stephen Ball

Coming next: Sunday Morning, KBC Sanctuary Renovations Dedication

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