August 4, 2011


Here are some recent shots of Clara at four months. 

Four month birthday!
All dolled up for her first Sunday at church!  It was so good to see our KBC family after a long hiatus.
Mmmm... cherries

A visit from my college friend, Lauren Raimer and her SIX month old, Lilly!  Lilly, will you please share some of those fat rolls with Clara?!  It was so good to see these folks and catch up on, oh, ten years. 

"Grandma Doris" -- Doris kept me from the time I was Clara's age until I was in school.  I always say she gets the credit for raising me (at least some of it!)  So glad she'll get to share in Clara's raising and growing up, too!

From L to R: Wendi and Chloe, Clara and me, Susie and Rebekah!  Susie is heading back to teaching after her one year leave of absence so it was great to get to see her and spend some time with all these little ones.  Such a blessing that my dearest girlfriends all seem to have baby girls of their own.  Clara will be surrounded with friends. 

She loves bathtime!

Shark week!

toweling off....

Sweet clean baby



and belly laughs!

Lovin' on Sweet Mama


  1. I just love seeing Clara so, so happy! Our baby Garrett is also a happy boy. Him and Clara are very close in age -- only weeks apart I believe. Enjoy the year at home with her. I am sure you will miss teaching, but that baby girl will love her mama at her side. Good luck to you all,

    Janna Caravia
    Mom to Garrett, LCDH Survivor

  2. Yay! Haven't seen the blog in a while, so glad Clara is doing great. Love the smiles!

  3. She is simply a beauty!! What a joy!

  4. You can tell by the pictures that she is doing well. Great job, Clara, keep up the good work.

  5. She is sooooooo cute!! Oh my gosh - she's precious. That smile just makes my day. Thanks for posting.

  6. What a surprise to log on and see so many pictures of Clara! She is such a miracle!!! And SO stinking cute! My heart overflows for you!


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