August 20, 2011

Clara Goes to the Beach

One of the arbitrary deadlines that I kept thinking about for getting out of the hospital was our beach trip in August.  It was like this carrot dangling ahead of us that I could almost taste and was afraid we might not ever get.  Well, it was all we'd imagined and more.  Clara loves the beach as  much as her mama and Sweet Mama.  Here are some images of our week together. 

The beach is for sleeping...

Passed out on Aunt Trina's shoulder is allllllllll right.

And swimming...

Clara's first steps in the ocean

She loved the water!

Crystal, one of our PICU nurses, came and hung out with us one morning.  So fun!

And reading trashy novels...

Or playing in the sand...

Cousin Caroline and Aunt Jennifer like to play in the sand, too!
Caroline is a serious beach kid
 All while rockin' out some beach hair:

Is there hope?

Might she have curls?!
It's time for family...
With Uncle Trey and Cousin Caroline.  Love the matching outfits this week!

These cousins aren't too sure about each other...

(Pretty hard to get a decent photo with two babies.  And that big one is a moving target!)

So sweet...

Lovin' on Sweet Mama and Big Daddy

And digging the rice cereal bottle from Daddy

And good friends...

Our friends, the Jacksons, were at the beach with us this year.  We used to always go to the beach with them when we were growing up and it was so fun to be back together again in the sun and sand.  Our families are growing and we're thankful to still be in each others lives.

Sarah gets a little snuggle time

And next year there will be one more in this crowd!  Congrats to Kathryn and Mike on Baby Maltarich, coming in February!  We can't wait!!

And time to just relax...

checking out my awesome flip flops!

All good things worth remembering so fondly...


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!
    What great memories we made!
    Blessings abound in our lives...

  2. Beautiful pics! she looks like a little Robert in a dress! She's so cute and growing so fast.

  3. Aww! So sweet! She has quite an assortment of bathing suits! :) Love that you had some beach time and a chance to get away. :)

  4. Pictures of PURE LOVE ... nothing could be better. Thanks for our peek at total JOY! We now know that fairy tales DO come true!!!!!

  5. currently scouring the internet for those flip flops and lion towel in my size...adorable!

  6. Okay so this is so wonderful, I've been reading your blog since before Clara was born, turned onto it by a friend of my husbands. BUT I swear it looks like Trey and Jennifer (former neighbors of ours) are in your family....and they have a little one. What a wonderful world we live in!!!

    Much love,
    Tammy Van Duyn


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