August 23, 2011

Five Months Old!

Today, Clara is five months old!  I can hardly believe it.  Time is flying by.  We fall more deeply in love with this little girl every day.  Here are some things she's into right now:
  • Toys.  She's so interested in her little animals that vibrate and rattle and especially ones with crinkle paper.  She love to play on her playmat or in her bouncy seat or even in her crib.  She's great about entertaining herself; I guess all that time in the NICU helped make her independent.  She will easily play alone for 30 minutes or more.  (Nice, if Mama wants to eat breakfast or fold a load of laundry.)
  • Mirrors.  This baby really thinks quite a lot of herself.  She will smile at herself in the mirror endlessly.  We agree; she's one cute baby.
  • Her lovies.  I was (*cough*am*cough*) a blankie girl myself, so I love to watch her hold on to her lovies and rub them against her face.  I really hope she'll continue her attachment.  I think lovies rock.
  • Rolling over, tummy to back.  She's mastered that milestone and is delighted she's figured out how to get out of tummy time.
  • Her hands and feet.  Clara has been pretty interested in her hands for quite some time now, but just in the past week has figured out how to hold on to her feet, too.  Next step: feet into mouth.
  • Bathtime.  This girl loves her some time in the water.
  • Naps!  At last!!  She's finally figured out how to nap for more than thirty minutes and this mama is so glad to have a couple of hours in the afternoon to get things done.
  • Her people.  I love love love watching her face light up when she sees people she knows and loves.  When she's woken up in the morning or from a nap and I peer over her crib, her whole face just explodes in joy.  She may not be able to talk yet, but she's saying loud and clear, "HI MOMMY!! I LOVE YOU!!  I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE HERE TO PLAY WITH ME!"  I love you too, Clara.  I get great joy to watch her react that same way to her daddy or Sweet Mama or Big Daddy.  She loves her people.
  • Books.  I've always preached that you should read to children often and early, but it's amazing to watch how at five months old Clara already loves storytime.  We read lots (not surprised, are you?) and she just loves looking at books and hearing my voice.  As both a mother and a literacy educator, I cannot tell you what joy this brings.
  • Music.  We sing a lot.  Thankfully, Sweet Mama is around a lot too and can sing to Clara too, 'cause her voice is much better than mine.  But Clara loves to hear anyone sing and sometimes starts cooing  like she's trying to join in.  Our repertoire?  Jesus Loves Me, Praise Him Praise Him All Ye Little Children, Jesus Loves the Little Children, Breathe on Me Breath of God, Amazing Grace, Kumbaya, He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, This Little Light of Mine.  She also loves songs and chants with hand motions: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Pat-A-Cake, etc.  We're a regular preschool around here.
  •  Bearing weight.  She's a long way from standing on her own (thank goodness), but she loves to be on her feet and she will push to be held in that position.  She's so little still that it doesn't look right for her to be able to stand, even with help.  But she's five months old and getting strong!
  • Laughing out loud.  Oh, those giggles.  They. Melt. My. Heart. 
  •  Outside.  I'm so thankful for our screen porch and a good stroller.  Clara loves some outside time.  Must take after her daddy....
  • Being naked.  I know the day is coming when diaper changes will be a pain.  But right now Clara loves her changing table.  Especially if she's just in her birthday suit.
  • Being "thrown" into the air.  Her daddy is loving that she's big enough to start roughhousing.  Again: face lighting up.
What is she not so much into?
- Long car rides ("That car seat makes me hot, Mom!")
- Vitamin D squirts
- Spoon feeding
- The ridiculous hairbows Mom insists on putting on, especially when they fall over her eyes.
-Staying up past bedtime (approximately 7PM).  Hello, meltdown.

We love you, baby girl.  Happy Five Month Birthday!  You are truly a gift from above.

Clara, Five Months Old

Oh, just a little toe-grabbin'


  1. lovely baby girl! love her lil' outfit in those pics, too!

  2. Oh, she is just beautiful!!! An amazing little girl with terrific parents! I sure do see her daddy in her little face!


  4. Happy tears of joy! I loved this post! I picture her face lighting up when she sees her people and her cooing to the songs. I agree - she is looking like her Daddy! Thanks for updating us. She's absolutely beautiful.

  5. Chrissy, I just love how you express yourself-your "voice" comes through so clearly. I can literally "hear" you!!! What a fabulous day to celebrate Clara's remarkable five month journey. Thank you for inviting all of us along and affording us a marvelous window seat!!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this with me and the others who have fallen in love with your little girl, too. She still amazes me. So glad you're taking the year off with her, the memories you are making will last a lifetime and are more precious than gold. Keep up the good work, Miss Clara Mae !!

  7. Cute as a button! This is such a great and encouraging post!!!!! God is good. We love that sweet Clara!

    love and blessings, the welsh family


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